Young Adults Boomerang Back to the Nest as Coronavirus Re-Emerges.


Young Adults Boomerang Back to the Nest as Coronavirus Re-Emerges.

As Australia gears up to combat the second wave of Coronavirus, young adults across the country are making the bold move back to the security and safety of their family home. With folks, siblings, partners, offspring and pets, all under one roof - playing happy families has never been more complex. 

Business closures are becoming a common and reoccurring side effect of Covid-19 - resulting in many casual and labour workers unable to secure sustainable employment. 

Experts warn Australian youths could be facing long term unemployment with those who fail to gain meaningful employment before the age of 22 being most at risk of extended welfare dependancy. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison recognises “Young people have been most affected". Recent jobless figures show the youth unemployment rate is now at a whopping 16.1 percent-  a huge variance from the national average of 7.1percent. 

Labor’s employment spokesman Brendan O’Connor reminds us that “Behind all of these statistics are young people who no longer have a workplace to go to, are struggling to afford the basics like food and rent, and are facing an uncertain and scary future,”. It's no wonder youth are flocking home to bunker down - with options for financial independence continuing to dwindle. 

These grim stats correlate with a massive increase in the need for storage units amongst millennials. Storage companies have reported a jump in website traffic from youngsters - followed by an enormous 200% increase in bookings. If you are seeking storage on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Waterfront Properties offer competitive and secure units to help ease the overpopulation in your family nest. Click here to find out more about WPR storage units.

At at time like this resources to those in high risk groups has never been so important. If you find yourself in this category reach out.
SYC, is an organisation dedicated to supporting those struggling with youth unemployment. "Our Mission is to empower the people we work with to create a life without disadvantage, to build sustainable independence and to experience personal wellbeing in all areas of their life".

Help Employment believe "that employment changes people’s lives is the driving force behind our service." They " help people with disability and other disadvantaged job seekers to find sustainable and meaningful roles." 
Lifeline is also available 24/7 for any Australians requiring support for emotional distress (Call 13 11 14)





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